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No Meat Athlete rallies with Jane and Rip about their new book, The Engine 2 Cookbook

Kentucky has the best KFC: Kickass Formula for Cardiac health.

A video of an empowered Pediatrician interviewing Jane in Portland, OR.

What a blast it was to connect for a Podcast with Dr. Marbas this summer.

July, 2017 Edible Cleveland article featuring Ann and Jane’s recipes from The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook and the Esselstyn devotion to a plant-based diet.

One of our plant-based warriors in the news! Read about Patricia Slimbarski here or come see her speak at our conference- Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease for Women on 3/11/17.

With cold and flu season coming up – what is the best way to get preventative nutrients on boards? NPR has a delicious take.

Canada’s Plant Trainers Interview with Jane,  9/2/16 where we discuss:

  • Children and obesity
  • Plant-Based or American Heart Association Diets Study
  • Parenting and obesity
  • Born an Esselstyn
  • The role of education
  • Curriculum
  • Paleo and awareness

Jane and Ann Esselstyn discuss the top ten principles of Plant-Perfect eating with macrobiotic chef and health coach, Marlene Watson-Tara from Scotland!

Check out our Podcast Interview with PBNSG which includes news about the Plant-Based Institute!-podcast with Jane and Brian

Medical School implements plant-based curriculum – Veg News!

Jane’s recent visit to Dartmouth College to bring more plant-based options to the college dining hall was a huge success!

Global Obesity Is On The Rise from Bloomberg Business, a shocking article on the global nutritional crisis.

Exercise in Futility: Why diet is more important than exercise.

Coverage of Health Care is Self Care’s inaugural conference in Cleveland, Ohio:  Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease for Women

An  Interview with Jane Esselstyn from The Buffalo News.

Heart Disease Still #1 killer in the US- but Cancer is catching up. Plant-based diets are here to reverse this trend: see Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by C.B.Esselstyn Jr. MD and The China Study by T. Colin Campbell.