Health Care is Self CareTM with Jane Esselstyn RN is proud to announce the launching of a complimentary organization called Plant-Based Institute!

Our mission:

PBI strives to educate and empower the public about the transformational effects of a plant-based lifestyle. Our ultimate goals are to: improve the health of individuals, strengthen communities, and improve the planet. 

PBI will be a non-profit entity with three pillars:
1. Head, Heart, and  Hands Seminars– These intimate, workshop-styled events will be smaller gatherings of folks interested in not only hearing the message, but collaborating with other like-minded people and experts about the motivation and psychology associated with a plant-based transition. Most importantly, these seminars will involve significant hands-on activities and individualized coaching to optimize learning and ensure success in the “real world.”
2. Transforming Communities– The current health crisis in our country is real: chronic obesity, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and cancer, among other preventable diseases. And, it is getting worse. Sadly, our most socio-economically challenged neighborhoods are suffering the most when it comes to these conditions. Partnering with other non-profits and foundations, PBI will strive to bring this important information and support to the most vulnerable communities in our nation.
3. Educating Children– Educating young people about healthy eating choices is not new. A third of PBI’s work will strive to get the plant-based message into schools and school lunches. The mission here will be to expose young people to plant-based information as well as introduce them to a wide range of healthy foods, many of which have been consumed all over the world for thousands of years. Jane and Brian are eager to each employ their 17 years of plant-based co-parenting and 50 years of collective educational experience to this arm of PBI!