plants only.

Brian’s “plants only.” CHOPPING BOARDS and  “plants only.” COOKBOOK STANDS
'plants only.'

Brian’s  “plants only.” Chopping Boards and Cookbook Stands are  made from spalted maple harvested at or near The Knob, land that has been in our family for five generations.  Each Chopping Board is unique, hand-shaped to highlight the natural, organic features of the 1.5″ to 2 ” thick slab from which it came.  And, of course, every one bears the hand-burned vow of “plants only.” And for an additional cost, we can personalize or initial your board.

Larger “plants only.” Chopping Boards:

Roughly 18-inches x 12-inches. $75.00, plus $20 shipping and handling, plus tax .

Smaller “plants only.” Chopping Boards:

Roughly 12-inches x 9-inches. $60.00, plus $18 shipping and handling, plus tax.

Place an order:

Please contact Health Care is Self Care at info@hcissc.com to place an order. Please include your shipping address in your order. Invoices are sent through email, which links you to our SQUARE account, a secure website that can process credit cards. 

Thanks for your interest and support!!


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T-shirts: $22.00

plants only. (women’s cut shown here in heather-grey). Available in brown with green writing, too.

CUVA Available in light blue with grey writing.

JUST CHEW IT. Available in heather -grey with green pea and writing.



Please contact Health Care is Self Care at info@hcissc.com to place an order. Leave your name, email, the style, number, size, and preferred cut: male or female, and we will ship it off to you!

Thanks for your interest and support!

-Jane and Brian